In the Shadow of Leaves

Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images

Opisthokont. Brain-drained from medical research to legal publishing, now in IT.
Life-threatening illnesses: survived three so far, tho' last cancer has made a comeback & is putting up quite a struggle; also dealing with a bunch of smaller but nasty health problems, which can be depressing. Thank goodness for friends & social support.
Still photographing, reading, writing; now blogging and commenting a bit. Not annoying Sydney planners & council much any more; working part-time when I can; too tired for much more.
Partner: Over several years we travelled, made a household, made plans; but he died in the early years of this century.
Family: Father died before my partner did. After then I cared for frail, deaf, increasingly demented Mother with the help of assorted Social Services from all tiers of government, worked, and dealt with my illnesses, with the help of the Australian medical system & assorted bureaucracies, until she too died at 'a good age'. Almost all of their generation, my aunts & uncles, are now dead. There are cousins, but they seem to live far away. Always forget if their children are second cousins or cousins once removed.
Friends: some also died; some were helping survival through these last years. Community of Internet is helping too.
I'm hanging on trying to avoid complete emotional, mental, physical & spiritual meltdown, but fingertips feel like they're getting worn sometimes.