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My comment on ABC 702BL Sydney Interview with Kevin Rudd - In the Shadow of Leaves
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My comment on ABC 702BL Sydney Interview with Kevin Rudd
Remark Altho it has been cheering to see the number of people -- in this ABC forum, newspaper website forums & letters pages for instance -- saying what I am repeating yet again here, it is very aggravating to also hear, yet again, a politician missing the point and talking about reducing the funds available for the social capital works that underpin a reasonable life.

No matter how much less tax an average (that's a real average, mode or median, below the 'mean income' which is now over $40,000) or even a 'middle class' person pays, they'll never be able to pay, individually & separately, for a high standard of the things that government is designed to supply. Particularly if the body supplying the goods (eg water) and services (eg education) is designed mostly to produce a profit for its owners, and not to serve its customers.

So the Opposition should surely be concentrating on showing how much good they can do with the taxes, and how much harm the Government has caused to taxpayers by reducing the things we pay taxes for, or farming them out for private profit.

If someone says "I'll get more money in my hand with Coalition policies" the reply surely is "You'll be paying out far much more than you'll be getting under these policies, *and* your job will be less secure, *and* your pay and conditions are able to be reduced much more easily too, *and* there's nothing being laid down for your children in the future." Not a shuffling sort of "Well, we can give you money too."

This is at the bottom of the worry that people feel about needing more money. They know how much they feel they need to pay for now (eg private education, private transport, private health insurance, etc.), and see how their security & conditions are on a long slide, and see that the country and the cities are suffering physically and socially. If there was some confidence that government (representing society) was actually supporting people and their services and repairing the country and making the cities more sustainable, there'd be more confident and less grasping.

Having a nervous, cowed population focussed on trivia & self-survival seems to suit some, but history has also shown it's a volatile beast, and holding power can be riding a tiger.

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