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Some Online Document Tools - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Some Online Document Tools
Possibly useful online document tools. The best thing to do with all of them is to save often and keep a local copy. The technology systems and implementation are still roughish.
"Google's online word processor, docs.google.com [I think it was Writely before - MCP], lets you import documents and then save them in other formats, such as RTF, Word, OpenOffice, and PDF. This makes it easy to convert troublesome files even if you can't/won't install OpenOffice.

You can import Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text (.rtf), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and StarOffice (.sxw). Also, makes free pdfs FTW!

Even cooler: you can email documents into the text editor as inline text or as attachments. -- typodiatry@email.org"

"the file size is limited to 512 K -- editing@rulise.net"

Writers are using this as "a tool for (a) getting novels to my agent and editors, (b) letting said agent and editors redline those novels, (c) as a tool for collaborating on short stories with a writer on another continent, (d) as a tool for allowing translators to grab the latest bugfixed version of a given manuscript, and (e) as an online file conversion tool. The accounts are password-protected, not open to the general public by default; data stored on their system may be read by 'bots looking for keywords, but that's about it. -- charlie@antipope.org"
Some other online word processors:
Zoho Writer: www.zohowriter.com/login.sas
ThinkFree: www.thinkfree.com/common/main.tfo?
AjaxWrite: www.ajax13.com/en/ajaxwrite/
Writeboard: www.writeboard.com
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