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Things I Hate About Deregulation, Privatization & the "New Business Model" - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Things I Hate About Deregulation, Privatization & the "New Business Model"
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June 02, 2004
A callous disregard for human life
Remember the rolling blackouts in California? The misery and waste and loss they caused? CBS reports that some audiotapes have turned up from that period that make Enron’s attitude all too clear: ...

Enron stole from everyone they could, screwed over everyone from the power users of California to their own employees, and lied themselves so blue in the face that they looked like evil Smurfs. Is there some reason our legal system isn’t going after them with fire and sword? If so, I think we deserve to know what it is

Each time someone tries self-regulation or deregulation or removing 'the stranglehold of red tape' or 'the dead hand of bureaucracy', we shortly get a sharp reminder of why the regulations were put in place.

Let me also append this comment from someone who'd know:
"Much of the labour law which ... evolved in the 20th century ... stems from an experience-based perception that the market constraint is not a sufficient protection."
Keith Hancock, senior deputy president, Australian Industrial Relations Commission (1992-1997)

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