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Fluoro atrocity - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Fluoro atrocity
Pymront in SMH Letters

www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/05/24/1085389332106.html (May 25, 2004 Letters: overall heading, "A behaviour disorder strangely absent during a game")
Fluoro atrocity
Can someone please reassure me that the horrendous fluoro yellow and green on the Jacksons Landing towers under construction are not permanent?
Randi Svensen, Katoomba, May 24.

I refer Randi Svensen (Fluoro atrocity, letters, May 25, re the towers on the old CSR site in Pyrmont*) -- apparently visible from Katoomba -- to your (illustrated) article headed "Larrikin twins just what the doctor ordered", by Sean Nicholls, SMH, Sep 24, 2002 ( www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/09/23/1032734114980.html).

Old Yella (The Distillery) is described by the approving Minister as "an inspiring new addition to the Sydney skyline"; its design as "creative and innovative", showing what could be achieved when architects -- namely Denton Corker Marshall - "think outside the square". Since both are triangular, no-one disputes that part. Though it is noted that "not everyone agrees with Dr Refshauge's assessment", surely we agree they are "a splash of colour".
It isn't called "chirpy", like that one planned behind Luna Park, but I'm sure someone has mentioned "green & gold".

I wonder no-one yet complains they spoil the Harbour Bridge view of Anzac Bridge.

[* Not Jackson's bloody Landing. Haven't they wiped out enough without taking our name away too!]

NOTE: The letter in reply which was published is below:

www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/05/26/1085461833182.html (May 27, 2004: overall heading, "Pay teachers their value, for the sake of the children")
Loud reminder
Rest assured, Randi Svensen (Letters, May 25), the "horrendous fluoro yellow" on the Jacksons Landing towers is merely a big Post-it note to remind them to finish the buildings tastefully.
Kate Heaney, Lilyfield, May 25.

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