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In re wombats - In the Shadow of Leaves
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In re wombats
Cute? photo and story about wombats in yahoo's news.
How an Aussie babe-in-a-pouch survived the accident that killed her mum (Tue Jun 8, 2004, AFP)

Secret Life of Wombats
Author: Woodford, James
Paperback (C Format); Illustrations
232 pages
Published: July 2001
The Text Publishing Company Pty Ltd
ISBN: 1876485868

In 1960, when he was a fifteen-year-old schoolboy at Timbertop, Peter Nicholson began to investigate the secret world of wombats by crawling down their burrows and making friends with them. In this enthralling book James Woodford, bestselling author of The Wollemi Pine, tells the extraordinary story of Nicholson's research and then sets off himself in pursuit of the elusive wombat

Child's Guide to Wombats
A silly wombat story (childish, rather than for children)

There's a story about mapping the genome of a wallaby too. Interesting to compare different types of mammals, what's shared & what's different.

Marsupials [PDF] have some good original features & adaptations for the variable Australian climate. A female kangaroo or wallaby can secrete two different types of milk simultaneously. And have one embryo "paused" in suspension internally , with another small young attached to a teat in her pouch and a third joey at foot still suckling part-time & occasionally sheltering in her pouch. Am not sure how many others, like wombats, possums & so forth, have the same capacity. Then there's the very efficient hopping locomotion for long distances ...

If all that's too much, relax & feel justified by reading Australia: The Confusing Country by Orinoco (a.k.a. Jeremy Lee) - or on h2g2 at the BBC's Douglas Adams section (Also see discussion at funtrivia

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