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Firing up Fahrenheit ( + geektools ) - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Firing up Fahrenheit ( + geektools )
I hear Ray Bradbury's objecting to Michael Moore referring to the book Fahrenheit 451 in his film's title of Fahrenheit 9/11. I don't think there's a good case agin that - see, for example:

by Paul Auster
by John Birmingham ~1999
by Thomas Hobbes

Native Tongue
Elgin, Suzette Haden ~1984
Hiaasen, Carl ~1991

Drake, David ~1987 (Tor)
Harris, David ~recent
Hogg, Ian V. ~1977
Lord, Gabrielle (St. Martin's Press)

Walpole, Hugh ~1932 The Fortress - also see
Catherine Gavin
The Fortress, Book 32
By: Gary Crew

Article below was linked to in the discussion of the biggest documentary hit so far this year in the USA, at billmon.org/archives/001588.html "Fondly Fahrenheit" (359 Comments as of --- ookk! I think I orta get to bed. Frustrating weekend. Hope all good there.)

Storm Troopers At the Doors of Fahrenheit 9/11
by Rob Kall

The handcuffs hanging from the burly hired security guard were clearly, intentionally evident. He was checking younger-looking ticket purchasers for age, to protect them from the R-rating of the movie. But he looked big and nasty. I was bringing my 14 year old son, and since he accompanied me, there was no problem.

The movie was incredible, besides weaving together a strong case against George Bush and his administration, it was a riveting piece of entertainment. The 24 theater megaplex had devoted its largest room to the movie and it looked like the previous showing and the one we went to see were both sold out ...

Not unuseful

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