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Indian Ocean Tsunami - weblife contribution - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Indian Ocean Tsunami - weblife contribution
Web users pitch in to global relief effort
www.smh.com.au/news/Technology/Web-users-pitch-in-to-global-relief-effort/ 2004/12/29/1103996613979.html
by Jesse Hogan
The Age Online
December 30, 2004

As distressed Australian relatives trawl the hospitals of tsunami-affected countries, the internet is proving an unlikely tool in their quest to find friends and relatives.

With telephone hotlines often engaged and the language barrier making information-gathering even harder, many of the most valuable volunteers helping reunite people have not even had to leave home to do so.

A dedicated band of internet bloggers and website creators are providing people around the world with phone numbers for hospitals and embassies in tsunami-affected countries, and a database of missing people ...

Locally, some news websites have urged overseas readers to submit stories and pictures of the tsunami, with ABC Online providing a collection of eyewitness accounts. The Age Online has done likewise, and has created a bulletin board for people trying to contact relatives overseas ...

Disaster blogspots
Compiled by Jesse Hogan
December 30, 2004

Websites providing information on victims and survivors of the Asian earthquake and tsunami.

A detailed blog that offers list of aid agen cies responding to the disaster, how to donate, and a list of contact numbers for emergency services in each country.

A site for Sri Lankan expats that details the situation in Sri Lanka.

Many postings from people looking for loved ones.

Mostly in Thai, but has English link to a regularly updated list of hospital patients.

Messages from Scandinavians looking for relatives dominate this site but it has a section devoted to Australians.

Regularly updated mix of local news reports and Thai Government information.

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