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Castle Keep, on Stillwell Slopes - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
Castle Keep, on Stillwell Slopes
Between Marulan and Goulburn, on 25 acres of hillside above the stream, overlooking the valley farmland & facing the forested slopes opposite ...


OK, it might not have "alpine firs and wild mountain huckleberries", or "deer, elk, and moose roaming".

"The full moon shines through basalt pinnacles and lights up the bedroom at night." (Will have to check on the lunar visibility, also not sure what the local rock is. There are granite quarries in the area as well as some historic sites from convict days. )



Marulan is spot on the 150 degree east meridian of longitude. The district surrounding Marulan is home to some of the shire’s most rugged scenery.
The spectacular Gibraltar Rocks at Brayton are only a 20 minute drive west of Marulan. The village of Tallong is 10 minutes off the highway, east of Marulan and is home to Badgery’s and Longpoint Lookouts. Both have picnic facilities and give breathtaking views of Bungonia and Shoalhaven River.
Tallong is home to the little known convict built dungeons- ask at the general store for directions.
Bushranger John Dunn, of the Hall gang, shot policeman Sam Nelson at Collectors’ Kimberley’s Inn, operating today as the Bushranger Hotel.
Convict history abounds this corner of the Shire, with remains of the Towrang Stockade located just of the Hume Highway, 10 minutes north of Goulburn. Park at the Derrick VC Rest Area and take a short walk to discover a perfectly preserved convict built bridge, part of the original Great South Road which opened up the area. Across the highway the remains of the powder magazine and early graves can be discovered.

Note: Castle Magic is a USA site, naturally.
* "You may purchase small castle keeps for $200,000 to $500,000, medium sized castles for $500,000 to $1.5 million, and a large full sized castles from $1.5 million to $10 million.
* Custom Castle Building Prices: From $120 to $240 per square foot for a basic simple castle, or $300 to $600 per square foot for elaborate castles.
* 10' Outer defence or courtyard walls: around $250 per lineal foot.
* Cathedral or Great Halls: around $235 and up per square foot.
* All prices include: solid stone castle, handcrafted windows, handcrafted doors, real stone fireplaces, hidden electrical, hidden plumbing and plumbing fixtures, built-in appliances, custom hardwood and/or stone flooring, custom granite and hardwood cabinets, floor heat system, hidden central vac, drawbridge, portcullis.
* All prices exclude the cost of land, permits, utility connections or fees, fancy lighting fixtures, and roads."
"I usually spend twice as long building a castle when compared to building a common structure. For a small castle, say 4500 square feet, you should allow one to two years. For a large castle with inner and outer curtain walls, you should allow five years or increase the amount of labour and funds used. On the bright side, your castle will last for generations and increase in value over time."

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