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'Silly' used to mean 'Holy', so this is very well called the Silly Season - In the Shadow of Leaves
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'Silly' used to mean 'Holy', so this is very well called the Silly Season
festive fiasco engulfs city
www.news.com.au/common/story_page/ 0,4057,11626271%255E26462,00.html

December 8, 2004
SYDNEY'S Christmas crisis turned to farce yesterday as it emerged the stars in our busiest shopping mall didn't work, ... and the Sydney City Council was forced to defend claims it was hiding decorations in a locked storeroom ... in its Bay St, Ultimo depot. [Perhaps the ABC could do an investigative raid to Bay St from Ultimo HQ?]
City shoppers were shocked by a shoe store with 23 blow-up sex dolls in a prominent window display [in Hype Shoe store* ] beside the Myer department store at the corner of the Pitt St Mall and Market St.
Meanwhile, Sydney City Council was under pressure for not getting the stars to work in the Pitt St Mall. Only four out of the 21 stars ... are illuminated.
For the past three years, a business known as the Christmas Company won the contract to install the glittering multi-coloured stars, which have to be placed in a certain order to ensure they are all properly illuminated.
However, it did not win the contract for the next three years. The stars do not appear to have been properly installed, which means only four of them are up in lights.

[*Who are extremely happy with the publicity]
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