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Nutrigrain, E.T (the Extraterrestrial) & Vanishing Millennial Dollars - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Nutrigrain, E.T (the Extraterrestrial) & Vanishing Millennial Dollars
Quick Query: Has anyone here heard the recently-circulating news story of a person who is supposed to have found a nutri-grain (or nutrigrain) piece that looked like E.T. (the Extra-Terrestrial) & sold it on eBay for $1000? It came as a follow-up to the toasted-cheese sandwich with image of The Virgin story.

Well, (tangentially related to the fake legal cases mentioned in the 'Common fraud' thread, or even the "Human Guinea Pigs" story) I have not found any evidence of anyone paying, or even bidding, $1,000 for any ET-related cereal product.

There's a bunch that people have put up for sale since the story broke, and some have a "Buy-me-Now" price of $1000, but most haven't sold at all, one or two have for e.g. $2. Some people have put up alternative collectibles
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