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Getting away from all that - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
Getting away from all that
Sore Eyes (a site for ... ) has stopped comments due to spam. Here are some nice things from it -- you'll have to go there to get the links

Pretty pictures

Quite a crop this week:
    * A false-colour image of Jupiter, complete with the shadows of not one, not
    two, but three of the planet's moons crossing the planet's face.
    * Talking of eclipses, dinyctis produced this lovely montage of images of
    the recent lunar eclipse.
    * Sam Javanrouh posted a couple of stunning images this week: a single,
    solitary cloud, and a glorious shot of sunset illuminating some otherwise
    ordinary-looking office buildings.
    * Two shots from Reinhard Kirsch: a picture of a shelf-full of desserts
    which looks so good I'm pretty sure just staring at it for too long piles on the
    pounds, and a breathtaking landscape.
    * Finally, three very impressive images from sundry deviants: Bada-Pyramide
    by Bada nicely captures the pyramid at the Louvre at dusk, horizon by ssilence
    looks computer-generated but isn't, and welder's Fate and Grace is a spooky
    infra-red landscape.

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