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Hiatus - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
Due to much clamour & wails of despair & loss from the thronging crowds of my distressed blogfans, <ahem>, I am just dropping this note in to say that this hiatus is just one of those gaps that tend to strike the blogosphere. I have every intention of continuing -- there is material gathering in my blogpile for entries. Just "Real Life" (aka RL) tends to get in the way sometimes (& sleep & all that other stuff).

I will drop in the odd note, but it'll be a while before anything substantial gets put here ... not that there's anyone out there looking ... we just float these pieces of our inner life out into the void like Walt Whitman's Noiseless patient spider spinning out its parachute silk, hoping one day that someone, somewhere, will connect with our thoughts and know that someone once lived here.

Moodiness: exhausted exhausted

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