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Some World War I books - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Some World War I books
'Under Fire' by Henri Barbusse is being republished!(He also wrote 'Hell' (originally 'Le Enfer', Paris, 1908 [is that date right?]), which helped inspire Colin Wilson's 'The Outsider')
On the subject of World War I, can I also recommend 'The Enormous Room' by e e cummings (this edition Dover Publications 2002).
The review here includes this:
"Cummings transforms a tale of unjust incarceration [he was a volunteer
ambulance driver] into a high-energy romp and a celebration of the indomitable human spirit ".
I certainly didn't get "high-energy romp" out of it, but maybe that's from the "significant amount of material deleted from the book's initial publication in 1922" which is supposedly restored in this edition.
Like others have, however, I do find a kind of genuine joy in it, as well as some strongly ironic passages where he describes unpleasant things in a flippant way, unlike the serious treatment of similar subjects by other writers.

Again, others have found a contemporary relevance in his "detention" (not imprisonment) at the Depot de Triage in La Ferté-Macé.
A Short Biography of EE Cummings (you might like to find a more in-depth one). titan.iwu.edu/~wchapman/americanpoetryweb/eecbio.html
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