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Hiatus (not Haiti, nor Hawaii) - Burbling - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
Hiatus (not Haiti, nor Hawaii) - Burbling
Winter's bit. Snow over large chunks of New South Wales. Cold winds & rain here.

Did get, with MWS's help, a bunch done at Chris' place, but had a terrible abdominal muscular spasm after we got back to my place, so that I had to take a painkiller & prop myself up in the corner — they get worse if I lie down. Fell asleep (still upright) after the painkiller cut in, so didn't help MWS cut down the stuff in the yard.

Tonight there was a blackout for a couple of hours over our whole suburb, streetlights 'n' all. Was able to heat soup on the gas stove, use torches, lamps & a glass-enclosed candle for light so we could find our way about & rugs to keep mother wrapped up & warm. Took risk now to put computer on to catch up on email & suchlike that I'd been too busy on weekend to check.

Lots of things to say & think, but no energy at the moment to put them down. Hovering on the cusp of tears several times yesterday & today, but not going downhill emotionally quite as much as before. A couple of weeks away from Chris' birthday.

Work & wrapping mother up warmly to go out to her day centre tomorrow. Sounds like fun.
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