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You just can't get good help these days - In the Shadow of Leaves
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You just can't get good help these days
Heard recently on 702BL (702 MHz AM radio) a quick discussion of recent suggestions by Bronwyn Bishop (Federal Member for Mackellar - Liberal). Chips are being spat here.

Based on what I understand from that discussion:

    Mrs Bishop says the Tax Act should be amended to provide taxation deductions not just for childcare or caring for disabled & elderly, but for any & all handymen, gardeners, housekeepers & so forth employed by a household.

    And, from what she says, also not to allow the primary carer to work, but just to keep the household going? That is, she is suggesting the reason for the deduction not be that the expenditure is 'in order to produce assessable income'.

Sounds, basically, that this is mainly to pay for wealthy people's servants, under the guise of helping your average Aussie to pay for childcare.

The wealthy will be able to employ many more such helpers, and as both partners will not need to work in paid employment in order to get the deduction, I strongly suspect the amount they'd be able to claim would be considerably higher than the mean or median income couple.

Mrs Bishop goes on about the extra jobs produced, but why encourage in particular such servant's jobs, yet discourage things like people researching alternative energy, or ecological or medical research by cutting funds to a number of research centres in this year's budget?

To me this reflects the whole psychology & ideology of the 'modern' Liberal Party, which goes back to nineteenth century ideas, nineteenth century industrial & social relationships and the kind of Social Darwinism and Free Trade philosophy that had parts of Ireland exporting wheat to the English market (which could afford it) even while hundreds of thousands of Irish (who couldn't afford it) were starving.
UPDATE: I only noticed later that this entry is on Bastille Day. Well some things do seem to change little. Allons, enfants de la patrie!
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