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Dump Dishonesty - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Dump Dishonesty
All the people who were trying to locate a radioactive dump always said: "it's only for the low-level waste".
This, to me, is the equivalent of the well-worn phrase: "I'll only put it in a little way."

Once the low-level waste is in a special place, wait a couple of years, and where else but right nearby would they want to put the intermediate, and then the high-level waste?

Once there's a place for Australian waste, wait a couple more years, and hey-ho, why not make money from those poor worried people who don't have a place for their own?

Remember much of the world still considers Australia to be the sort of place that's well out of sight and mind (soapie characters still come here to disappear, after Dickens & many other earlier examples), and have been sniffing around the idea of using us as a handy dump for European, Japanese & other toxic wastes, e.g. the Pangaea company.

I've seen this technique used in my neighbourhood to reduce the quality of developments despite various 'Master Plans' and other mealy-mouthed assurances used to distract and comfort the people who'll be disadvantaged.
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