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Book Review - Going Home Again (Howard Waldrop) - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Book Review - Going Home Again (Howard Waldrop)
Going Home Again by Howard Waldrop - reviewed by Greg L Johnson
Going Home Again is Howard Waldrop's fourth short story collection. It contains nine stories published from 1992 to 1998. Not only are they the best stories Waldrop has written over that time span, they are pretty much the only stories he has written, along with continuing work on two novels, one already 26 years in the making. As he observes in the introduction, "This is not the way to make lots of money." It is, however, the way to write many-layered stories that reward the reader willing to pay attention to every word that appears on the page ...

One of the best things about science fiction is that it often provides a home for writers that just don't fit in anywhere else ... Howard Waldrop is another singularly individual writer who writes complex, beautiful short stories, many of which reveal alternate histories of a truly unique nature ...

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