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Good News, Bad News? - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Good News, Bad News?
Lulu, Rescue Kangaroo

A kangaroo that helped save the life of a Gippsland man has been awarded the RSPCA's highest honour for bravery, the Purple Cross.

Len Richards was knocked unconscious by a falling tree branch on his Tanjil South farm (150 km (93 miles) east of Melbourne) last year. His pet kangaroo, Lulu, came to his rescue by barking to attract his family's attention.

Mr Richards says it also seems Lulu applied some first aid. "My nephew when he got to my side said she'd actually tipped me on my side and vomit was coming out of my mouth so she'd actually saved me from choking," he said.

He says Lulu has shared a strong bond with his family since they rescued it from its dead mother's pouch by a roadside. "We proceeded to bottle feed it with a proper formula and that's how Lulu the kangeroo came about," he said. "She's a free ranging kangeroo, she visits around at different farms and then she comes back to our house at 6:00 o'clock on the dot, taps on the door for a teddy bear biscuit. If it's cold outside she'll walk in and go and lie right in front of the open fire."

Kangaroo wins award for saving farmer
Wed 28 April, 2004 04:04

Roo tucks an award in pouch
By Cameron Smith
April 28, 2004

Sydney firm has security in a bubble
April 27, 2004
IT sounds like something out of a science fiction movie - an invisible "forcefield" which protects landmarks and high-security installations from terrorist attack.

But it's a reality and the early warning weapon in the hi-tech war against terrorism has been developed in our own backyard.
A Sydney firm has invented an invisible "bubble" that can be thrown around buildings, ports, airports and even parts of the sea using thermal imaging technology.
Castle Hill-based Zone Products Australia' system can detect a tank at 15km in pitch black conditions and warn of the presence of chemicals, gases, radioactive and other materials in a protected area.
It is capable of providing an intrusion protection shield from the seabed to low-level airspace - a world first ....

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