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City Politics: Heading for Finish Line - In the Shadow of Leaves
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City Politics: Heading for Finish Line
Local Government Elections are on 27th March, 2004


Moore looks to Big Apple for city of villages plan
By Anne Davies, Urban Affairs Editor
March 22, 2004
... Ms Moore has unveiled her planning policy, which aims to nurture the 34 village "places" from Millers Point in the north to Rosebery in the south.
"The greatest cities in the world, such as New York, London and Paris are amalgams of discrete communities, such as Greenwich Village in New York, or the arrondissements of Paris," she said.
These inner-city villages have their own character and creative cultures. People identify with places, she said.
Under Ms Moore's policy, the community would be consulted on how to develop the unique character of each village, and those that have lost their identity would be salvaged.
Pedestrian and bike paths would be designed to link the villages, while their centres would be based around community owned buildings such as town halls.
She has also promised to establish an economic development unit to promote a return of small business.
It would also undertake long-term planning for the commercial needs of the city, but demands for more commercial floor space would need to be sympathetic to the historical characteristics of each village.
She has also promised a review of public open space to determine whether the inner-city has enough to deal with its growing population.

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