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Shocked & disappointed in Orson Scott Card - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Shocked & disappointed in Orson Scott Card
I was shocked & disappointed that someone I thought from his writings, had some intelligent compassionate, sensible attitudes - despite circumstances that might militate against him developing them - is able to write what Yonmei is calling a lying piece of bigotry (he titled it Civilizationwww.ornery.org/ essays/ warwatch/ 2004-02-15-1.html) in her 4-Part (so far) Dissecting Orson Scott Card ( www.livejournal.com/users/yonmei/236010.html). An excellent set of arguments.
Another interesting aspect is that she is in the UK, so is able to separate herself from many of the US cultural assumptions, which can be as tricky to work out from the outside as they are sometimes to detect from within.
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