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sensitivelight for light sensitive objects - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
sensitivelight for light sensitive objects
Sensitivelight sensitivelight.com/about.htm (nice (never naughty) pictures from A Maturing Photographer)
leading one to:
and even
thence, eventually
Infectious Photo Projects
PhotoMemes.org is intended to be a simple site that lists photography-related memes on the web. Please tell us www.photomemes.org/contact/ about any new memes, so we can add them to the list. What is a meme? Wikipedia.org - Meme In simplest terms, a meme is a contagious idea. Therefore, these are all interesting photo projects that focus on a uniquely contagious idea or theme. Also, not all photo meme projects need to be collaborative, although many of them tend to be.

Then there's
Interactive Atlases of Valley of the Kings & Theban Necropolis

Film Sound Stereotypes and Common Logic Flaws (on general Film Sound site)

And while we're looking at Ancient History & film-making, let us take inspiration from Mr Gibson & get our props here: www.nightmarefactory.com/bible.html

Chortle. OK, it's not the worlds wittiest or most subtle, and may not even be all that accurate (unlike the wonderful one below (20th January). Today's Sydney Morning Herald cartoon by Alan Moir just struck my funny bone right.


Alan Moir cartoon, 4th February 2004

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