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Bartlett Beat-Up; Partial Competition Policy - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Bartlett Beat-Up; Partial Competition Policy
Bartlett Beat-Up
What an extraordinarily overwhelming fuss being made about such a completely minor thing.

From all I've heard or read: Late at night (~10:30pm) on the last day of Parliament, probably after drinking at end-of-year parties, a couple of adults of similar size, tho' from different political parties, had a petty argument. It was apparently loud on both sides & swearwords were used (not sure if mutually). It did not last a long time. No blows were exchanged, although apparently B shook F by the arm.

Will the one who has never, ever, shouted at someone, or had a robust disagreement over their whole adult life please step forward, stone in hand.

The Aust Democrats have much bigger problems. Perhaps that is why all the vultures have descended into this amazing storm in a polystyrene party cup.

Partial Competition Policy
This 'competition policy' - all anyone has mentioned is to do with sale of alcohol. Was anything else covered in it?

I am concerned because a lot of people have been talking about the US/Oz Free Trade Agreement discussions on a few subjects, such as pharmaceuticals, film (&c), and primary products.
If you look at the ideology in it, it also tries to discourage things like government support of public transport and public schools - any kind of mutual social support pretty much. Does the 'competition policy' work towards things like that too?

Bartlett references online
(Note that they all mention alcohol, but I think depression was another major part in the incident)
www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/ story_page/0,5744,8147645%255E2702,00.html
One drink and Bartlett for the road
By Matt Price, Adrian McGregor and Terry Plane
December 13, 2003

dailytelegraph.news.com.au/ story.jsp?sectionid=1338&storyid=637093
dailytelegraph.news.com.au/ printerfriendly.jsp?sectionid=1338&storyid=637093
Bartlett affair a storm in a glass
December 15, 2003
FEW things could be sadder than Kevin Rudd's sobbing depiction of the loneliness of the committed politician.
Labor's foreign-affairs spokesman last week painted Parliament House as a place of cruelty and sterility.
"You could die in your office in Parliament House and not be found until a month later," he said ...

www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/ story_page/0,5478,8119024%255E662,00.html
Bartlett: I will not step down
Gerard McManus

Redemption for Bartlett would offer many hope
December 11, 2003
People with alcoholic problems deserve proper treatment - not daggers, writes Miranda Devine.

Bartlett sorry over clash that brought disrepute to party
December 7, 2003 - 6:11PM
Australian Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett today admitted he had brought his party into disrepute by abusing and manhandling a Liberal senator in Parliament.
Senator Bartlett today appeared in public in Brisbane to again offer an unconditional apology to Liberal Senator Jeannie Ferris, with whom he had a physical and verbal altercation in the Senate last week

Bartlett to take leave over fracas
December 6, 2003 - 8:05PM
Australian Democrats Leader Andrew Bartlett has stood aside as a result of his altercation with Liberal Senator Jeannie Ferris this week.
The incident left Senator Ferris nursing an injured upper arm ...
Senator Ferris had written to Senate President Paul Calvert to complain about the incident, which occurred on the floor of the Senate chamber after a division.
"Senator Bartlett was angry with me because I had gone around to attempt to retrieve five bottles of wine which he had taken back to his office from the coalition Christmas barbecue," Senator Ferris said.
"As he was crossing over from a voting position, he grabbed me and started to scream at me.
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