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Ideas about Children - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Ideas about Children
Two views of children from SBS documentaries

The child of the gay couple.

Tonight (Tuesday 30th Sep) the SBS documentary is on that story.
On Saturday night (Oct 4th), there is another one about children. A much sadder one.

See the summaries below.

Yesterday afternoon someone mentioned that they were going to be talking about Anger Management. This reminded me about the things that make me angry. What makes me angry usually also makes me sad. Last night I ended up a bit of a mess, crying with rage & helplessness, remembering things I try to put in the back of my mind just to function.

The two sides of how children are treated - the dumped & destructive remnants of "adult" behaviour against the efforts that infertile couples of all sorts go through - my partner & I accepted a child-free fate - is one subject that was prominent in my feelings (also the wreckage of the earth & our society that we are leaving the generations to come).

Former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu outlawed abortion and contraception and ordered women to bear as many children as possible in his failed effort to increase the Romanian workforce. He was executed on Christmas Day, 1989, but today Romanians live with the fallout from that edict -- and as the film shows, the children are mostly ignored.


Orphans are the dark side of the anti-abortion movement; making something illegal doesn't make it go away. Nicolae Ceausescu's excuse for outlawing abortion was an attempt to increase Romania's workforce. What he did instead was increase the country's orphans to staggering numbers, including the 20,000 children who live on Bucharest's streets. When I say "children", I mean just that. You have never seen anything as depressing as ragged 8-year-olds addicted to sniffing spray paint ... The film also includes footage of some of the parents involved (remember... not all parents of orphans are
dead), and the meager social services that tries to place these children, saving them from the streets ...


Summary from SBS TV listing
This powerful documentary looks the human cost of the Ceausescu Communist regime (1964-1989) and its ill-conceived fertility campaign. In a busy subway station below the streets of Bucharest, Romania, five children live among a family of forgotten orphans and runaways. Unwanted and unloved, these children live almost like a feral pack, foraging for food and water, playing, fighting and fantasising.
Winner of a number of Best Documentary Awards, including the 2001 Sundance Special Jury Prize for Best Documentary feature. (From the US, in Romanian, English subtitles)

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