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Gleanings - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
http://www.brunching.com/cgi/oralsexdonate.cgi?id=33459-1065835365 - this link don't work no more, but it came with a "Donate Oral Sex" button I rather liked.

The Best Little Chophouse in Town
The allure of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
By Bryan Curtis
Updated Friday, October 17, 2003, at 3:12 PM PT

[Apparently there is a remake of the original film. This gives a bit of appreciation of the orginal & how the remake is different. Somewhere earlier I posted a rebuttal about a rather weird true story which had come up in Britain about a real double murder in the USA that was claimed to have been the 'true events' upon which the movie said it was based. This article mentions the Ed Gein link.

HELSINKI (AFP) - Nokia urged consumers to buy original replacement parts for their mobile phones after the Finnish mobile telephone maker found that a battery not made by Nokia caused one of its phones to explode in Holland earlier this month ... It said it had recently received complaints concerning some 20 similar explosions, all of which were found to have been caused by non-Nokia batteries.

Demise of the Fibro Majestic
A newly heritage-listed house mysteriously burnt down yesterday morning, hours before the property was set to go to auction.
The 100-year-old house was set on waterfront land worth more than $4 million in Bayview, on Sydney's northern beaches ... The property, which offers views that stretch to Lion Island and Scotland Island, is surrounded by bushland ... on north-facing land that measures 10,700 square metres - the largest parcel of its type in the area. ... An interim heritage order, which would have stopped any development on the property, was issued by the NSW Heritage Office at 5.45pm on Friday

www.weirdpicturearchive.com (from www.smackbomb.com)
CONTAINED HEREIN are some of the strangest images found in the world. From 8-legged lambs to 2-headed tortoises and more, we collect and display the oddest of the odd. We are always looking for contributions, too.

THESE PICTURES, while gruesome, odd, and sometimes grotesque, are guaranteed not to be obscene. They are divided up into categories, then subcategories, shown below.

Extra - terrestrials: Aliens; UFOs; Crop circles; Roswell NM
Animals: Deformities; Animals in science; Roadkill
Humans: Autopsy photos; Medical conditions; Injuries; Mug shots
Sports: Players in action; Sports cards
Newspaper Items: Headlines; For sale; Classified ads
Signs: Road signs; Notices
Optical Illusions: Illusions; Tests
Miscellaneous: Famous images; Doctored photos; Tricking the camera

The Hidden Song Archive - a database of hidden and unlisted tracks from albums by all types of artists.

A hidden, or "ghost", track is a song on an album which is not listed on the album sleeve or jacket. On a CD, usually the song is accessed by playing the final track through then going through a brief moment of silence.

An unlisted track is different because the hidden song has its own track and can be directly accessed without having to go through the previous song.

Famous Fonts is the first font archive on the web to collect ONLY fonts used in TV shows, movies, publications, and other media and products - over 300 typefaces have been offered for download and/or identified! The fonts are browsable by those catagories (shown to the left).
ATTENTION WEBMASTERS: DO NOT link directly to the ZIP files on this site from your web site. Doing so creates a huge burden on our servers and has, in the past, resulted in a complete shutdown of the site. Please either copy the ZIP files to your own site or link to this page when referencing this site or a file residing here.

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TV 'brick' opens up copyright can of worms
Jul 01
Benoit Faucon, The Wall Street Journal
(from Australian Financial Review)
A French company is ready to launch a device that lets television viewers watch any channel on earth, and may open another front in the battle over digital copyright.

Nexedi SARL's "TV Brick" effectively turns the internet into the world's longest antenna lead. It's now aimed just at Japanese expatriates in Paris, though chief executive Jean-Paul Smets says that's just a first step ....

The €950 ($1628) TV Brick is a device the size of a cable-TV set-top box, from which two cables emerge. The TV watcher in Paris plugs one cable into the TV set and connects the other to a phone line using digital subscriber line, or DSL, technology. A relative back home in Japan buys a similar box from Nexedi SARL's Japanese reseller and connects it to his TV set and DSL line the same way. Broadcast signals travel down the aerial in Tokyo and into one box, where they're converted into internet data and squirted to Paris; the box at the other end pulls the data off the internet, turns them back to a TV signal and pipes that into the set. (The data also travels the other way, so Paris TV can be watched in Tokyo.)

"This product destroys borders," Mr Smets said. "It answers a strong demand. Globalisation has made its way into families and many of them are split between different countries."
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