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More Goose Sauce: overpaid & underpaid - In the Shadow of Leaves
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More Goose Sauce: overpaid & underpaid
Underpaid families to lose out


By Carol Nader, David Wroe
October 15, 2003

More than 25,000 families who have been underpaid $37 million in family tax benefits, are unlikely to be reimbursed by the Government, despite it vigorously pursuing those who have been overpaid entitlements. [Are we surprised?]

The Government also ruled out a Labor proposal yesterday to give families who are overpaid the option to repay the debt in instalments, instead of having it stripped from their tax return.

The decision follows recent stringent measures by the Government to crack down on overpayments of family and youth allowances ...

Australian Council of Social Service president Andrew McCallum said the row highlighted inadequate administrative procedures.
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