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More 'we told you so' - Follows earlier post - In the Shadow of Leaves
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More 'we told you so' - Follows earlier post
The continuing ignoring of all this, the continual need to repeat & repeat & still never seem to get anything substantial happening is one of the things that wipes out my attempts at Anger Management (& despair avoidance).

How many substantial increases in the coverage & convenience of public transport do you remember, despite everyone mouthing platitudinous support statements?

How many times have authorities said "we've learnt from our mistakes of the past", and just repeated them, over & over - despite hundreds of apparently powerless consumer/voters telling them over & over what problems happened before & will reccur?

Earlier posting, September 25, 2003
This was not a new & startling story at the time. Something very similar will probably get repeated yet again in a few years.

Transport and health: en route to a healthier Australia? www.mja.com.au/public/issues/172_05_060300/mason/mason.html

</strong>Chloë Mason, 6 March 2000, Medical Journal of Australia 2000; 172: 230-232</strong>
also reported by the ABC at the time
Leave the car at home
Monday, 6 March 2000
Advice to leave the car at home, says one expert in this week's Medical Journal of Australia, is the best prescription doctors can give for improving health.

Sustainable transport consultant, Dr Chloe Mason, calls for the health professions to promote 'active transport' or 'transport exercise' in which people meet their transport needs more often by walking or cycling in combination with public transport ...

The World Health Organization has now recognised the relationship between transport and health with the adoption of a charter ( www.who.dk/London99/WelcomeE.htm ) signed in 1999 by European ministers for transport, health and environment from 54 countries.

The charter acknowledges the full health impacts of motor vehicle transport (traffic accidents, pollution, noise and psychosocial effects), and the benefits to health of walking and cycling as a means of transport.
"Transport is one of the major culprits in cutting down our physical activity," she said, adding that the proportion of overweight, obese or inactive Australians has increased with an increase in our use of cars.

"Walking is highly efficient in its use of urban space and energy, it rarely causes injury and it gives streets vitality and personal security." ...
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