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Pauline - were there Conversions? - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Pauline - were there Conversions?
Sent: Monday, August 25, 2003 5:55 PM
Subject: Hanson v Colston

It isn't the severity of the sentence on Ms Hanson that galls. It's the lightness of treatment of other politicians who have the protection of larger parties.

Today's example is the late Mr Colston, who rode high on the public hog for 4 more expensive years instead of being dealt with promptly & severely for his reputed lies, cheating & fraud upon public monies.

It certainly gave the impression that he was protected by the powers who gained advantage by his change of heart.


Wed, 17 Sep 2003 21:05:21 +1000

Extract from a mailing list discussoin, in which Idid notparticipate(blasted wonkyspacebar).
You may have some strong views on PH, but what do you think of:
a) the argument; b) the method?

This particular discussion arose in the context of Toby's approval of Tony Abbott's method of silencing the Hansonites by paying the court costs of PHON dissidents on the ground that Hansonism was so bad that any means of attacking the party would be legitimate.

Geoff's Voltairian response is correct; however much we may disagree with Hanson's views, to attempt to silence them is to condone political censorship, and the next victim of such censorship might be me.

The other issue in the debate concerned the legitimacy of the subterfuge by which the censorship was effected.
First, Hanson received advice on the unusual method of organising her party from the right-wing power broker from the West, Noel Crichton-Brown.
Then Tony Abbott's off-sider, David Oldfield became one of the ruling troika of the party.
Third Tony Abbott raised funds to finance civil action to have the party structure declared illegal, with the result that Hanson and Ettridge (but not Oldfield!) went to gaol.
All this was achieved without any member of the Liberal Party having to disavow any of Hanson's policies.

IMHO this whole exercise was far more destructive of the democratic process than anything that Hanson or her supporters may have said. And it is only one of the long string of anti-democratic lurks that have been perpetrated by the Howard gang. Who then is the greater threat, Hanson or Howard?
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