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Columbia and Challenger disasters recalled as Discovery re-launches - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Columbia and Challenger disasters recalled as Discovery re-launches

Challenger timeline

The following timeline was assembled in the wake of the Challenger disaster by William Harwood, United Press International's Cape Canaveral bureau chief at the time of the accident, and Rob Navias, at that time UPI radio's chief space correspondent. It was assembled in the authors' spare time as an internal reference.

The timeline merges telemetry beamed down from the shuttle, NASA recordings of the flight director's loop in mission control at the Johnson Space Center, the NASA-Select audio circuit heard by the public and a transcript of crew cabin intercom conversations released by NASA after the accident.

Mission Audio
<http://spaceflightnow.com/challenger/images/audio_tn.jpg> In this unique file, the NASA Select and flight director audio loops have been mixed to create the definitive audio record of the Challenger accident.
(1MB, 16min14sec QuickTime file)

Mission Video - 7 different bits, from different places.

"Avoid learning too much about the Columbia timeline. I know I was happier before I thought about the implications of some of it." -- from james nicoll [NB: The Challenger timeline (above) has its own disturbing aspects.]
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