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Apache helicopter night attack - Follow up - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Apache helicopter night attack - Follow up
Someone on a mailing list I'm on sent this message:
Hi folks,
In recent times a video clip was circulating about what appears to be an unprovoked attack on innocent Iraqi farmers at night fixing a broken down tractor during seed bed preparation. The version that I received at the time showed the tractor with a glowing exhaust and the tyre treads could just be made out along with the seed bed pattern. It is portrayed in accompanying text as being filmed from a plane but no plane could hold such a steady position it has to be a helicopter, someone is playing games.

I have just received another copy of this video clip that appears to have been significantly edited not only in video but voice over. The tractor has virtually been eliminated and it is portrayed as insurgents setting up a road side bomb yet they are moving in a field and no roadway is visible but they forgot to edit out the reference to the field. This looks like a whitewash to me. I am no supporter of fundamentalists but I would hate to fight alongside the Americans, "collateral" damage seems to be a pastime.

If anyone who obtained the original copy would like a copy of this version let me know.
Hard to find. Best I have - very large, about 35 Mb is at

users.rcn.com/sitzkrieg/war/ called Apache_kills_in_Iraq.mpeg
( http://users.rcn.com/sitzkrieg/war/Apache%20Kills%20in%20Iraq.mpeg )

Most other links are 404 or aren't operating in other ways, or perhaps my rather dicky machine can't handle them, but here's what I've found -- people might be able to make use of them:

This is a discussion thread which had a number of different links to different copies and versions:
joi.ito.com/archives/2004/01/29/ disturbing_image_from_iraq.html
Most seem to be inoperative, but there are some hints and pointers in amongst the rabbitage.

Documentary: Iraq - On the Brink, Ross Coulthart, Nick Farrow (see transcript) had the footage, and the transcript gives the sound accompanying the vision. (My computer has no sound.)

www.footagehouse.com/ night_vision.htm - this has assorted footage of other things, possibly interesting from several viewpoints, showing "night vision".
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