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Big Dig fuss (UK) - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Big Dig fuss (UK)
Time Team digs up row over DIY excavation
Maev Kennedy, arts and heritage correspondent
Saturday June 21, 2003
The Guardian

Channel 4's nationwide project is condemned as 'grotesque' by professionals, who in turn are accused of elitism
This weekend sees the launch of Britain's largest archaeological excavation, against a chorus of protest from professional archaeologists.

The project involves 1,000 test pits of one metre square, which will be dug across the country, in back gardens, allotments, school grounds and patches of wasteland, monitored live on television by Channel 4's popular archaeology programme, Time Team.

The Big Dig experiment starts with a programme broadcast live tomorrow from Great Easton, a Domesday village in Leicestershire...
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