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Klingon translators, Wren's models, Alternative Evolutions - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Klingon translators, Wren's models, Alternative Evolutions
It's a great story. But like the I-Loo Microsoft hoax (which the
software giant's own PR company perpetuated and assured journalists
was true), the claim that an Oregon mental health centre was looking
for a Klingon-speaking interpreter for its patients was false.

On Monday, the
Associated Press)
said the clinic's research had found that the Star Trek language,
which has its own grammar and syntax, might be needed. "There are
some cases where we've had mental health patients where this was all
they would speak," said the county's purchasing administrator, Franna
Hathaway. That would have obliged them to employ an interpreter.

But the
( following day),
the mental health centre said no Klingon speakers had ever turned up
asking for treatment. "It was a mistake, and a result of an
overzealous attempt to ensure that our safety net systems can respond
to all customers and clients," Multnomah County chair Diane Linn said.

Wren's palatial models go on show

Miniature constructions of the hospital fit for a king on display in Greenwich after being unearthed in National Maritime Museum stores
Maev Kennedy, arts and heritage correspondent
Monday June 23, 2003
The Guardian

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