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Bitter & Sweet, Blood, Cult - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
Bitter & Sweet, Blood, Cult
Company sweeteners stir up bitter coffee war
By Anthony Dennis
May 10 2003

Hemophiliacs get a healthy gene in trials
By Deborah Smith, Science Writer
May 10 2003

Two young men from Sydney and Canberra have become the first Australians with hemophilia to undergo gene therapy in a trial of this revolutionary approach to curing genetic diseases.

Suicide statistics:

The end is nigh: so is 10th planet

May 10 2003
Shane Green
The defining moment of weirdness in the story of the Pana Wave Laboratory, the white-clad doomsday cult roaming the mountains of central Japan, arguably came this week, when the group's guru gave a rare interview ... The rescue of Tama-chan would save the world from destruction on May 15 - next Thursday. (Tama-chan is a bearded seal normally found in Arctic waters. It turned up in Yokohama's murky river system in August and was duly celebrated as an urban miracle.) ...
Crazy? Let's hope so. But in Japan, recent history has shown that to ignore such cults can have devastating consequences ... "They say they will make all mankind die out if their guru dies," ...
Back near Tokyo, Tama-chan has re-emerged - although distressingly, with a fish hook lodged in its eye. Regardless of what does or does not happen on Thursday, it's clear Pana Wave was at least right that Japan's city rivers are no place for an Arctic seal
[There's a magazine in Japan called the Weekly Bunshun.]
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