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Some Old Stuff I'm keeping here for the record - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
Some Old Stuff I'm keeping here for the record
Tax or vision
Tuesday, March 13 2002

...Merrill Pye is depressed and frustrated by the petrol excise freeze and the new homebuyers subsidy...

Do we have anyone who cares for the future in any position of power, or is it only the ruthless, grasping & generally thoughtless who bother to obtain or can plot to get it?

On March 5th's Webdiary you said John Howard said "...It is the people's money, and they want it used in an intelligent fashion, particularly when we've retired so much debt already." Whether justifying a previous denial of basic supports to a decent human society by producing a surplus was "wrong", or not, this petrol excise cut is NOT using it in "an intelligent fashion"!

Jerry Schneider, professor emeritus of civil engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle: "It makes me very sad to see large sums of money being spent on ... dumb things instead of technologies ... that hold some potential for dealing with the truly horrendous congestion, carnage and pollution that we are experiencing in all of our large and medium cities."

The same goes for the ruddy pathetic, disgustingly short-sighted policies our government has recently been following.

I have similar feelings in relation to the new home payment.
What about the idea of only getting the allowance IF assorted sustainability/low energy/recyclability/use of recycled material /water saving/&c, &c, technology was used? And a higher allowance for more such features! These are things already available, just awaiting some large-scale use. Quite a few are Australian products.

I was bitterly confirmed in my contempt for the cupidity &/or stupidity of various groups by the lost opportunities in a number of large-scale developments in the last 5 years or so.
Ignorance is curable & can be forgivable; stubborn unwillingness to improve or learn is less so, particularly when the results are so damaging.


Straight from the heart
Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Howard and human rights - here's your feedback, the most since the diary started.

Merrill Pye
... imagine a jackboot stamping on a human face, over & over [1984, G. Orwell] — or to update, perhaps we could swap jackboot for stylish polished slip-ons.

To apologise, I regret I haven't been able to adequately address the absolutely stunning piece of, of — what would you even call
it!? — announced today by what I'm ashamed to call the Australian Government.

Fair go mate (remember that?), the UN does have its problems; so have the Christian church(es) & other religions or beliefs; so blasted well has humanity as a whole. Does that mean you tear up even the most basic of human(e) social foundations? Break down the bedrock - the mortar - of human respect? Here we could speak of babies & bathwater; spitefulness to nose & face, any number of cliches.

If we want to protest internationally about trade problems or overseas abuses of various sorts, we could think on the saying ''Do as you would be done by.'' Or is this what they want, which is even more worrying?

Our elected representatives seemingly wish to ally themselves — thereby daubing every Australian with that dark & sticky tar — with the basest of tyrannies, dictators, ''warlords'' & ''strongmen''.

Nowadays people associate Germany with two world wars, & the horror of the Final Solution. For a hundred or more years before, though, it was associated with philosophy, poetry & music. Can we be so sanguine about Australia? ''The price of liberty is eternal vigilance'' and you must know for what to be vigilant.

I was originally going to say I was dumbstruck, but don't think that'd hold up to examination. Couldn't start until galvanised when Margo spoke on LNL tonight. So much more to say but this is long enough. Have had unsuccessful & depressing experience with most of my idealistic causes, but am cheered that there are others who care about things I consider important.

In Remembrance
September 11 2002

The Webdiaries of September 12 and 13 last year follow

Wednesday, Sept 12, 2002

Merrill Pye in Sydney

My worries for reverberations continue, but down the bottom of
Pandora's Box was hope. Just maybe some sort of common feeling
might come out of this. New York and Washington DC now maybe
can feel like Belgrade and Baghdad did. Those pretty pictures,
like movies or computer games, missile-cam and night-vision,
now connect with reality, with pain, grief, loss and destruction.

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