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Recipe 1: Juniper Love-apple Salad for Two - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Recipe 1: Juniper Love-apple Salad for Two
Juniper Love-apple Salad for Two
2 small/medium tomatoes
1 large salad-type potato
(or a couple of smaller ones)
2 handfuls watercress (more if you like greens)
(may include up to 1/3 other savoury greens, e.g. Italian parsley)
8-12 juniper berries
[for omnivores, add]
1 thigh or equivalent amount of smoked chicken

1/2-1 tbsp oil
(plain olive, lemon-olive or plain mustard)
1/2-1 tbsp red wine vinegar

Cube potato, just cover in water with a dash of the oil & half the juniper berries, cook to desired texture.
Break up or crush remaining juniper berries, add to oil, briskly mix in vinegar, leave to infuse.
Dice tomatoes & place in bowl.
Cube smoked chicken (if wanted). Add to tomatoes.
When potato is cooked, spread on plate to cool (in fridge if you're in a hurry, but don't chill). If desired crush & add cooked berries to dressing. Alternatively, add hot potatoes & leave to cool after adding dressing.
Rinse greens if there's any grittiness, tear leaves off main stems & tear larger leaves into bite-size pieces, chop stems into small pieces. Add to tomato mix.
Add potato cubes. Quickly toss & mix ingredients.
Add dressing to salad, toss to coat other ingredients - some may prefer to take the berries out first.
Serve after a short while, or longer if waiting to cool.

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