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Another Use for the Internet - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
Another Use for the Internet
The Infertile Soul: "The honest, ugly truth about infertility.
I know what its like to find out others feel the same things I do. To know you are not alone with something - especially something negative like feeling sad when you hear of a friends baby news, or feeling angry that everyone else is pregnant, or mad at people for being fertile... That for me was really exciting. It was a huge relief to find I was not alone in feeling such ugly, totally not politically correct type feelings.I feel someone, somewhere along the way, needs to be honest about the ugliness of infertility. That it can produce feelings that are unfair, that are offensive, that make us feel guilty and bad. But they exist, and they are real ...
Similarly, those who are lucky enough not to have to deal with these feelings need to understand they exist and are valid. I want this site to be a place where people can comment anonymously, in response to this post, and free their dark, ugly, horrible but honest feelings about coping with infertility. Lighten your soul, set it free.
I wonder how much of this applies to my experience of childlessness/a child-free life — not entirely voluntary?
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