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Doctor Update - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Doctor Update
I had thought that yesterday would be a whole series of tests, but all they wanted was a set of (quite uncomfortable) X-rays. From that they could tell that the tumour was quite substantial, and that the nearest lymph node had started to get involved. So they'll definitely have to slice out quite a sizable chunk. Now, though, they want a set of other tests — CT scan, radioactive bone scan, biopsy & blood tests — to get pictures to guide the operation, to see if it's spread out to anywhere else, and also get some cells to see how advanced it is, how malignant. That will be next week, the results will go to the surgeon/oncologist(s). and I have another appointment the week after to hear what they've found, and their ideas for further treatment. Nicely situated pretty much on the anniversary of my partner's death during my introduction to the last lot of cancer.

So things are still rather up in the air. Probably operation will come first, then some kind of therapy/ies. Last time they did radiotherapy and chemotherapy to shrink down and weaken the tumour, then operated to take it out, then did more chemotherapy to destroy any remaining malignant cells, but that was in a different part of the body. According to the surgeon, the recovery from this surgery is usually quicker than the really serious assault on my body that the last operation was. He does say that the recurrence within 5 years is less of a worry than if it were the same type of cancer returning. And it looks like this is from a separate source — though I suppose the biopsy might throw some light on that. Well, we shall see.

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