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An Online Conversation - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
An Online Conversation
FL: The script for this [US] administration is written by a team including Franz Kafka, Karel Capek, Groucho Marx, and William McGonnagal. That's the only sane explanation of which I can think.

RS: You're trying to think of a sane explanation? Well, there's your mistake right there. I think it was Sam Clemens who pointed out that the reason why truth is stranger than fiction is that fiction is required to make sense.

CH: Which is why Fletcher Knebel (author of Seven Days in May, Vanished, et al) stopped writing political fiction after Watergate -- he said the truth was so strange that he couldn't write anything that was still fiction but believable.

Ep: Tom Lehrer is reported to have said "It was the moment satire died ... What could I come up with that could beat that?" when Henry Kissinger won the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize (or words to that effect, SMH interview)
One of my lasting memories from the Sydney Olympics was looking across the floor at the Greco-Roman Wrestling finals (historical, and a great spectacle in itself, which became a 'must-see' for me decades ago after watching the wrestling scene in Topkapi) to see Henry Kissinger and Juan Antonio Samaranch sitting cosily together ready to hand out the medals.

Others managed to hook up with eligible Danish princes ... mutter, mutter, grumble
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