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St Valentine's Eve? - In the Shadow of Leaves
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St Valentine's Eve?
The 28th anniversary of Australia's first putative terrorist bombing, which killed three people on George St opposite the QVB bus stop on the night of February 13th, 1978?

I am thankful that the memorial plaque, which worryingly disappeared for a year or so, has reappeared on a street-side pillar of the renovated Hilton Hotel.

Hilton Memorial (IMG_3924a-crop)
Hilton Memorial restored, (IMG_3924a)
originally uploaded by Mezza.

I wonder if the night of the 13th should be called St Valentine's Eve? If we called it "the Valentine's Eve bomb", instead of "the Hilton bomb", it'd be easier to remember the day, and I'm sure the Hilton Hotel people would be happier, but then, it seems to be so far out of our consciousness that they don't need to worry.

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