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Ta-Dah! - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
I'm baaack. Was admitted to the Hospice associated with the hospital for respite/palliative care. Community nurse and others who came around to check out the situation referred me there because they could see I was going downhill trying to cope, even with the help of my friends. Originally they said about a week, but it was at least two weeks before my feet were thought good enough for me to try walking again. Ended up staying a month. Am hoping very hard that my health insurance will cover it.

Complete bed rest for a fortnight, with dressings on my hands and feet — meant nurses had to open lids on my food, wheel me over to the toilet and shower, and perform other services. Social worker, volunteers, physiotherapists, masseuse and pastoral care people helped with other things. Slowly regained use of my hands, and cautiously started standing, then walking. I went to the small 'gym' to practise walking on their treadmill, as well as walking around the place, and was slowly re-introduced to stairs. Couldn't leave until I could happily manage – well, manage OK – the 57 steps I'd need to go up and down to get between my flat and the street.

Inbetween, I spent some happy times breathing cool fresh air and soaking up the winter sunshine on their smokers' balcony, a nice wide and deep space featuring deep-toned windchimes where one afternoon I watched a thunderstorm roll across the city and over us. Centrepoint Tower was hit by a double lightning bolt from matching angles!

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