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Catch up on recent medical news - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Catch up on recent medical news
Arrgh! More mediproblems. Quick catch-up. Possibly lack of posting has something to do with the tiredness & lack of energy. After the exploratory operation at the end of November to check on a different problem, my breathlessness was getting worse, despite keeping up gym attendance.

Finally got to a doctor. My (new) GP sent me off for a bunch of tests, because it could be any of several different causes. [Leaving out a whole recital of a pretty miserable day severely summarised below, might vent nearby later.] The first was a chest X-ray. After I finally found the place, the radiologist came out to talk, was worried about how I'd get home/wherever, and wanted me to take the X-ray straight back to the Medical Centre for the GP. Got back to Medical Centre, left X-ray, went to get blood taken for other tests near home [Big part of misery.] and grabbed groceries on the way home. [Free bread! Another story for later.] Got home to rest before heading to city to get Christmas needs and Medical Centre phoned to make appointment for later in the day, instead of original Monday appointment.

[Taxi problem! Part of 'venting' story.] Doctor seemed worried by the fluid on my lungs, wanted me to go back to one of my cancer units, possibly on Saturday. I said if possible could it wait 'til Monday (), and she said OK, but be prepared to go to Emergency if I started to have trouble breathing. I had to phone around my Tuesday night support group to tell them I might not be in if hospital keeps me.

Well, have survived weekend [Good story with friends, and watched 'Idiocracy' with two of them.] Getting ready to go to Oncology today. Packing bag to allow for possible overnight or longer stay, just in case.


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