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Old Rush - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Old Rush
I've been remembering the classic old Aussie ABC TV Series Rush (imdb) set in the Victorian Goldfields during our gold rush, with the very catchy George Dreyfus theme music (MP3 excerpt) quoting folk tunes, and the incredibly swoonable-at brooding, mysterious Sgt McKellar (next step after Captain Scarlet, see below). You can actually now get DVDs not of the original series – curses — but of a more recent revoiced parody called The Olden Days, by the comedy group D-Generation, part of their The Late Show.

A friend entertained me while I was sick last year by (among other things) showing me episodes from his DVD box set of the UFO series. Not too bad at all. We only saw some of the Gerry Anderson series in Oz. My fave was Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (poster) with its unseen villains — how can you have a schoolgirl crush on a puppet? People are strange.

The gullwing door cars, like the series, distinctly pre-date the 1980s Delorean, e.g. the Mercedes Benz 300L (some here) is from the 1950s.

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