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Not Donne with Inquisitors yet - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Not Donne with Inquisitors yet
From slacktivist: Inquisitors: Aug 16, 2007
slacktivist.typepad.com/ slacktivist/ 2007 /08/ inquisitors.html
.. let me direct your attention to a post from Harper's Scott Horton: 'John Donne and the Outlawing of Torture.' (harpers.org/ archive/ 2007/ 08/ hbc-90000907)
Donne's sermon "Against the Abomination of Torture" for Easter Sunday, 17 April 1625 at St Pauls, online: (www.lib.byu.edu/ dlib/ donne [PDF] or see Harpers copy)
Only three years after this sermon, following the assassination of the Duke of Buckingham, the lawyers and judges of England assembled in the Inns of Court in London to consider a special question put to them by the king. Was the practice of torture to be permitted by the common law?

And the judges met, deliberated and declared “upon their sacred honour, and the honour of England” that the answer was “no.” That marked the end of legalized torture in the English-speaking world &hellip
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