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Worry for us dependent on plastic bags - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Worry for us dependent on plastic bags
War declared on plastic bags
Saturday June 2, 04:19 PM
State and territory governments will work together to eliminate one-use plastic shopping bags, says ACT Environment Minister Jon Stanhope.
The announcement followed a meeting between state and territory environment ministers in Cairns on Saturday.
Mr Stanhope said an inter-jurisdictional working party has been set up to get rid of plastic bags because the voluntary industry-led scheme was not progressing fast enough.
The working party, due to report in November, will look at options open to the states and territories to phase them out ...
"I believe that plastic bags are a product of our consumerist society that we can well do without, particularly since they are produced using scarce fossil fuels."
Mr Stanhope said since 2002, Australians have reduced their use of plastic shopping bags from almost seven billion to about 4.5 billion, but industry codes of practice, which aimed for a 50 per cent reduction, had not been met.
— Yahoo!7News (AAP)
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