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Falling: Well or Poorly - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Falling: Well or Poorly
Obituaries: The Times; Toronto Star;
Chris Hitchens: Slate (YouTube) & a more general interview Late Night Live (MP3), (streaming)
I flashed back to my reactions on hearing that Ayatollah Khomeini had died: relief that he wouldn't be able to, personally, do more harmful & hateful things, then sadness that he wouldn't have any more chance to make any amendments that might help, because now there was no hope that he might help his followers change their minds.
OK that's a very faint hope indeed, but >0.

I recommend Lady Sisyphus' comment, which includes: "In the hearts and minds of folk who use Christianity as an excuse to hate, Jerry Falwell lives. He's arguably more useful dead, as his spirit lives on while his potential for embarrassing himself further has been curtailed."

Roy Zimmerman had an earlier musical comment.


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