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Quick News, plus Sydney Harbour Bridge Anniversary - In the Shadow of Leaves
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Quick News, plus Sydney Harbour Bridge Anniversary
Am working on a Family Photo DVD project, and trying to do some other non-computer-related things, so I haven't added stuff here.
Also got some more worrying medical news, there's a growth of some sort in one of my eyes. It might be a secondary cancer from the breast cancer, it could be a separate melanoma, or it may be a simple kind of mole. Having had this now diagnosed by one specialist, I am going to a more specialised specialist to try and sort that out. Desperately hoping that I won't have to get back onto the medical merry-go-round. See some links in a separate entry.

Did do one nice thing — turned out even better than I'd hoped, and I enjoyed it a lot. Walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of its 75th Anniversary celebrations, timed to coincide with the Aboriginal smoking ceremony around sunset. It was beautifully done, and the lighting afterwards. The sunset hope didn't work out because it was a dull & overcast day, but the trip over & everything else worked well — in fact I'm wondering if I shouldn't have tried the ferry to Milson's Point after all.

Here's one of the newspaper photos:
Bridgewalk75 - crowd lights up

And some links about it:
Sydney Morning Herald story

Daytime photos (SMH)
Evening photos (SMH)

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