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Pre-Emptive Apology - In the Shadow of Leaves
Dappled in light & dark; a place to watch from, think, write, make & show images
Pre-Emptive Apology
Unfortunately, my video of the New Year's Eve fireworks seems to start playing when you arrive on the page. I'd much prefer it awaited your click to start. Certainly that's what I'd like as a visitor. If your connection is slow, it may delay things very much. Even getting to the stage where you can click on a 'pause' button might take a while. This is not what I am trying to achieve!

I can't quite understand what the problem is, because I've seen plenty of pages where there's just a still that you click on to start the player. If my fiddling with the code doesn't stop it, I may just leave a bare link.

And I've always disliked pages that start blaring sounds at you when you arrive — altho a subtle atmospheric background or short not-too-offensive introductory noise of some kind can be a pleasant experience. Shorewalker used to have the sound of surf on the beach, just at a low level, on the first page, which I liked.

For this reason, I haven't added in a player from La Cieca at Parterre, that will let you play some nice operatic music (Unnatural Acts of Opera), since it seems to also start playing automatically. But I do recommend the site.
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